(formerly Pharos Fundraising Strategy + Communication)

Being Better at Doing Good

Being Better at Doing Good

Being Better at Doing GoodBeing Better at Doing GoodBeing Better at Doing Good

Helping Non-Profit Organizations Build Great Foundations

About Us

Our Experience

We solve puzzles. We see the big picture and then we gather information and engage people to solve those puzzles. We create roadmaps and help navigate systems. We see what's possible and help build strong organizations that can do more. 

Why Us?

For over 25 years we have been supporting drivers of good in our community. We are passionate about helping organizations be better at doing good work. 

We believe that through management by values, strong governance, and a well resourced organization anything is possible.


Building Great Organizations


 Through interim management services and organizational development projects we help departments, projects, and organizations re-think, restructure, and re-tool. 

Raising More Money


 With our roots in the world of fund development, we imagine, plan, and implement effective fundraising strategy for organizations of all sizes. Plus we offer workshops and mentorship tailored to the unique needs of each client. 



 Writing is in our DNA and we use it to create online, print, and spoken communications materials and strategies.   

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Contact Us

RaeAnne Rose

T: 604-790-7263

E: raeanne@betteratdoinggood.ca